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Neil Hadfield Alleviation Ketamine

Neil Hadfield, MD

Hi, I'm Neil, one of the founders and owners of Alleviation Ketamine.  As an Emergency Physician, I have years of experience treating pain, addictions and mental health problems.  Through my work in the emergency department I have seen the pain and suffering of these patients and their families, the desperation to find effective treatments and the lack of available options.  Therefore, we started this clinic to offer access to a novel treatment that has shown promise when other treatments have failed.

My Story

I have a professional and personal connection to the work we do at Alleviation Ketamine.  I graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in 2010, began residency in Emergency Medicine at Boston Medical Center and have been an attending Emergency Physician at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford since 2014.  I have had the privilege to bear witness and provide support to many who are suffering, both physically and mentally.  My training as an Emergency Physician has provided me with a unique skill set that allows me to safely provide Ketamine Infusion Therapy to fill the need in our area.

I have also suffered from depression for most of my life and know the feeling of hopelessness that comes with depression.  After seeking and trying many treatments, I sought out a new path.  In the spring of 2023, I went to Kawsay Retreat Center in Iquitos, Peru to get treatment with ayahuasca and San Pedro.  I gained first hand experience with power of psychedelic medicine and it changed my life. 

When I returned from Peru, I knew I wanted to offer life changing psychedelic medicine to my community.  Ketamine has a unique mechanism of action that produces a healing non-ordinary state of consciousness and been shown to be safe and effective for depression, pain and more.  I was able to connect on a deeper level with my family, be present in my life and to see the joy and beauty of our conscious experience.  I hope to provide that to others.

9 Summer St. Unit 202

Second Floor

Franklin, MA 02038


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