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Our Process

What to Expect

Read more about our process and what you can expect as you embark on this journey.  We will work with you through out the process to support you, guide you and help you make the most of your transformation.  

Mind Maze


Before your first infusion

It is of the utmost importance that you prepare your mind and body to get into the right mindset.  At this stage of the process, it helps to begin thinking about what you want to change.  We recommend the following:

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Self reflection

  • Avoid any potentially triggering media, such as the news, violent movies or other media with disturbing content

  • Avoid people or places that could trigger you.

  • Schedule a preparation visit with our coach to help you prepare

  • Talk with your therapist 


It is important to handle all logistics before you arrive to your first appointment.  

  • Make sure you have a trusted person to drive you to and from the appointments.  They are welcome to sit in our waiting room or recovery room during the infusion.  We have refreshments available.  

  • Apply for financing, if you are planning to use

  • You can also choose to have someone accompany you in the room during your infusion.  

  • Make sure you have finished tapering off of any medications if recommended.

Your First Visit

Before you arrive

It is important that you are safe and comfortable during your infusion.  The following guidelines can help.

  • Make sure you eat a light meal a few hours before you arrive.

  • It is ok to drink liquids right up until your infusion

  • For women: inform us if there is a possibility you are pregnant

What to Bring

It is important that you feel comfortable during the infusion.

  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes

  • Blanket

  • Many patients find it helpful to bring a journal

  • We will provide an eye mask and headphones, but if you prefer, you can bring your own

What to Expect

  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork for consent, HIPAA and patient contract

  • We take your weight for dosing

  • It is normal to feel nervous for your first appointment.  We will work with you to make sure your you feel safe and supported

  • We will take some time to work on an intention for your first visit.  Normally, we find focusing on some positive aspects of our human experience is best, such as compassion, peace, joy, unconditional love etc.

Each Infusion


  • We will have you use the bathroom prior to your infusion - many people will find ketamine causes the urge to urinate

  • You will be monitored at all times during the infusion.  We will put you on a monitor with electrodes to measure your heart rate, a pulse ox on your finger to measure your oxygen levels and blood pressure cuff

  • We will place an IV and give a dose of Zofran (anti-nausea medication)

  • We provide you with an eye mask and headphones

  • You will be given a clipboard with an intention setting worksheet that we will review with you prior to your infusion


  • Our playlist is curated specifically for the ketamine infusion and helps to enhance the progress. 

  • The music can act as a guide through the mind or can help you ground yourself back your surroundings

  • The music also provides emotionality to the experience which can flex the autonomic nervous system

Your Environment

  • Your infusion will take place in a private room in a reclining chair with heat and massage settings

  • The monitor is kept behind a screen to limit the medical feel of the space

  • We provide white noise to limit distraction and soothing aromatherapy to aid with relaxation

  •  We recommend wearing an eye mask, however there is a colorful light display if you choose not to wear it

  • Every room has a call button if you need assistance

Post Infusion


  • Most people will feel dizzy and tired after the infusions, especially after the first infusion.

  • It is also common to have nausea - we can provide medication to help with that

  • We have snack and beverages as you recover

  • Many people choose to remain in their room to recover but we also have a recover area for use as needed


  • Once recovered, we will discuss the experience you had and help you process and make sense of what comes up

  • We will suggest exercises and worksheets to help you integrate the experience and to help you shape your nervous system in the direction you want.  Sometimes we will provide audio hypnosis or meditations as well.

Follow up

  • We will follow up with you in between sessions to provide support and guidance as needed

  • We can follow up with your therapist or other providers as necessary


Booster Infusions

  • Many patients will require booster infusions to maintain the effect

  • The frequency of booster infusions varies from patient to patient, ranging from every 3 weeks to once a year

  • We will discuss this with you after you complete the induction series

At Home Ketamine

  • As part of maintenance, we offer at home ketamine options

  • This can be in addition to booster infusions, to space the infusions out further or can be in lieu of booster infusions. 

  • At home formulations include sublingual troches, long acting capsules or nasal spray

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