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Alleviation Ketamine Infusion Clinic

About the Clinic

Alleviation Ketamine is a Ketamine Infusion Center located in Franklin, Massachusetts opening in 2022.  As an Emergency Physician, Dr. Hadfield has years of experience treating pain, addictions and mental health problems.  Through his work in the emergency department he has seen the pain and suffering of these patient and their families, the desperation to find effective treatments and the lack of available options.  Alleviation Ketamine offers access to a novel treatment that has shown promise when other treatments have failed. 

The Environment

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for Ketamine infusions.  All patients are closely monitored to make the treatment as safe as possible.  Each room is set up to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, to ease stress and allow patients to focus fully on the experience.

We will work with your therapist(s) to ensure you have an integrated treatment plan.   

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